Natural Horn

Unwrapped Original Parforcehorn
My Dotzauer Eb/Bb Parforcehorn
Puerto Rico
Last concert in Puerto Rico before moving to Bloomington Indiana to start at the IU School of Music.
Baoque horn
Jagdhorn Beer
Gig at the Germania Society Oktoberfest
Bell decoration 1
Picture taken by a close friend outside the house. Thank you Scott!
Picture taken by a friend.
Thank you Carlos.
Seraphinoff Baroque Horn
Picture by Heinz Santos Photography studio.
Bell Decoration 2
Painted Bell
2015 Natural Horn Workshop
Morning Master Class with Richard Seraphinoff.
Seraphinoff Horn
Natural Horn Workshop
2015 IU Bloomington Natural Horn Workshop
Natural Trumpet Making Woprkshop
Engraving and adhering the garland to the bell
Natural Trumpet Making Woprkshop
Completed Natural Trumpet in a case. ready to take home.
Completed Natural Trumpet 2015
Natural Trumpet made it home.
Completed Natural Trumpet 2015
Natural Trumpet made it home.
French Cor de Chasse
Jagdghorn Fürst-Pless
Jagdhorn: Parforcehorn
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Nelson Velez Boswell's Personal Coat of Arms
Velez and Boswell Individual Coat of Arms